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Chart Preserver Starter Pack

Chart Preserver Starter Pack


5 x A2 Chart Preservers

1 x IPA Spray (250ml pump spray)

1 x Chart Pen (black, 0.5mm)

1 x J-Lar Waterproof Tape (25mm x 66m)

(represents a saving of £2.88)



Davis Mk 15 (pre-loved)

Davis Mk 15 (pre-loved)

The Davis Mk 15 is a high quality plastic sextant ideal for beginners use and yet is well proven for ocean navigation. Made from high impact, weather resistant plastic. It has a pecision machined slow travel worm & gear mechanism, 7 sunshades, 3 x 27 telescope and a half silvered horizon mirror. Featuring an easy to read micrometer drum and vernier, contoured handle for stability and complete with a shock resistant carrier case. Weight: 0.41kg.

Please note: These are second-hand Davis Mk 15 sextants that we clean and refurbish as necessary, and check their calibration before offering them for sale.  We consider them to be every bit as accurate and easy to use as when brand new.



Hinged-A4 Waterproof Whiteboard

Hinged-A4 Waterproof Whiteboard

These Hinged-A4 Waterproof Whiteboards are very verstaile and can be used for pilotage plans and making notes in the cockpit. They are made from two of our A4 Waterproof Whiteboards joined together with a robust waterproof fabric hinge.  You can use them to create four A4, two A3 or one A3 and two A4 sized whiteboard surfaces.