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A Trip-Hook helps free a fouled anchor   

Over 1000 sold!

If your anchor has fouled another boat's chain, or if another boat has laid their chain over yours, then here is the solution for untangling your warps.  Simply grab the fouled chain with the Trip-Hook and lift it clear of your own anchor.

Useful to have on board your own boat or to take with you on a charter holiday. 

Available on its own from Coastline Technology or with lines attached from our distributor Jimmy Green Marine.


Grab the fouled chain with the Trip-Hook                  Secure the lift-line                                          Recover the anchor
                                                                    Lower the anchor and set it free           Pull on the trip-line to release the chain
Watch the Trip-Hook in action at the London Boat Show - 2007


Essential Features

- Light weight (220g, 7 ounces), so easy to take on your charter holiday. 
- Heavy enough to sink, even if 'floating' lines are used. 
- Strong enough for adverse conditions (tested to over 1 tonne load). 
- Very high spec light alloy 
- strong and will not rust. 
- 18mm diameter holes so they can accept most lines that you are likely to have on board without needing a shackle. 
- Extended arm assists grabbing the chain in the first place and upward slope helps to retain it. 
- The trip-line hole is located to allow the hook to be steered towards the chain and keep the hook 'open'. It is also located so that it requires a modest pull to activate the trip action and therefore minimise the chances of an accidental 'trip'. 
- Size approx 200mm x 150mm (8in x 6in).


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