A revolution in traditional chartwork

Protect your charts and make them easier to use when the going gets tough!

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Chart Protectors


Protect your charts from water and make them easier to use  

(Sold in packs of 5 pockets)

Coastline Technology have developed crystal clear polyester pockets that can provide fully waterproof protection of charts. 

The polyester pockets are sized to accept the A2 sized UKHO and European Leisure Folios (420 x 594mm) as well as many US and International charts.

Each pocket can be used with two charts back-to-back, or a full sized Admiralty chart folded in half.

Instead of a 2B pencil the navigator uses a fine waterproof ‘permanent’ marker pen and draws lines and annotation directly onto the polyester covers so that the charts themselves are kept in perfect condition. When a passage is completed these lines can be removed with common solvents.

The pockets have one short side left open for the insertion of the charts.  If this opening is sealed with our waterproof tape then the pocket becomes totally waterproof and can be taken up into the cockpit while it is raining without coming to harm.

£18.64 / 5 piece(s)
1 unit(s) = £3.73
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Chart Pack Wallet


These chart pack wallets are designed to hold a complete pack of charts that are protected inside our chart protectors.

The wallets are made from heavy duty crystal clear polyester film.

These are much more durable than the plastic wallets provided with most chart packs.

One end is open with a fold-in flap to keep the charts in place.

620mm x 455mm (125 micron)

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Waterproof Chart Pen


Draws a superfine (0.5mm) permanent smudge-proof black line.

Can be erased with common solvents.

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J-LAR Waterproof Tape


This J-LAR tape is not ordinary sticky tape.

It is completely transparent, waterproof and will not yellow with age, and is stronget than cellophane or acetate.

It is perfect for sealing our Chart Protectors and for repairing torn charts.

It can also be written on with our Chart Pen and cleaned off with solvents.  This means that it can be used to protect any printed documents (such as hour-by-hour Tidal Stream charts) that need to be annotated on a regular basis.

Roll is 25mm wide and 66m long (1" x 72 yds)


In stock

Cleaning solvent


Due to restrictions on the postage and air transporation of solvents, we are not able to supply these ourselves, however suitable solvents are commonly available and at low cost from high street chemists and from Amazon.

The following solvents work well:

IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) 

Surgical Spirit

Nail varnish Remover (Acetone)