Make anchoring easier and safer and get yourself out of a fouled situation!

Chain Markers, Trip-Hook, Windlass Remote

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A Trip-Hook helps free a fouled anchor    

Over 1000 sold!

If your anchor has fouled another boat's chain, or if another boat has laid their chain over yours, then here is the solution for untangling your warps.  Simply grab the fouled chain with the Trip-Hook and lift it clear of your own anchor.

Useful to have on board your own boat or to take with you on a charter holiday. 

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Chain Markers


High Visibility Anchor Chain Markers

Flourescent ties are easy to see, even in low light condition.

Simple coding scheme marks 50m of chain at 5m intervals.

Ties are durable and will pass around the windlass gypsy.

Use on your own boat or take on a charter holiday.

Waterproof 'code reminder' label provided free with each pack.

Orange = 10m

Yellow = 5m

Example shows 15m of chain and 35m of rope.


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Windlass Radio Remote


Allows operation of the windlass from anywhere on the boat. 

More reliable and easier to use than cabled remotes. 

Uniquely coded signals and fail-safe operation. 

Can be used instead of or in parallel with existing footswitches and cabled remotes. 

Rugged waterproof enclosures. 

Very easy to use and install.

Product data sheet
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Windlass Remote - spare remote

Spare remote 

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